While attending his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration, the call of God rose profusely in Pastor Elliott Jones’ heart and he received God’s call to ministry. During that celebration on September 28, 1988, God told Pastor Jones to look at the Jones family assembled at the gathering and reflect on how great it was for everyone to be in harmony celebrating their union as one family. As Pastor Jones began to meditate on that thought, God reminded him on how good it would be for God’s family to be in harmony and told Pastor Jones to “Get My Family Back…Help Me Get My Family Back!”

With that burning desire placed on his heart by the Lord, Elliott Jones began to desire to “Get God’s Family Back!” In 1988, he attended a large Church of God in Christ congregation where he faithfully served as a brother, deacon, and later as a minister. He was appointed Youth Pastor in 1990 and he faithfully ministered to children for 9 ½ years. In 1997, Pastor Jones graduated from the Interdenominational Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia with a Certificate in Theology.

As the call of God began to increase on his life, God talked with Pastor Jones and told him to “Launch out to the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” In 2000, Pastor Jones and his wife Pastor Belinda Jones started “Walking in the Spirit Ministries, Inc.” (WITS) and began to hold weekly Bible studies at the Ramada Inn in downtown Milwaukee. Over the next four years, the number of WITS members grew from 6 to over 500. Walking in the Spirit Ministries grew into a powerful ministry as Pastor Jones taught and declared God’s word; “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!”

God has put a burning desire in Pastor Elliott to “Get His Family Back!” Pastor Jones’ goal is to follow God’s mandate to bring people back into the awareness of who they are in Christ Jesus and to walk in love, peace, prosperity, joy, and happiness. Pastor Jones is determined that God’s family will know that they’ve been redeemed from sin, poverty, sickness, fear, lack, doubt, and unbelief.

Pastor Jones preaches the unadulterated word of God. He makes it easy to understand and shows you clearly how to apply it to your life on a daily basis. He lives a life that is fully representative of his relationship with God.